June 8,  2018

by Dan Gordon

I was browsing Bandcamp’s #toronto hashtag and I came across a new release by Toronto’s Across The Board.

I listened to the new track “She’s Listening” and really liked what I heard.  A powerful voice backed-up with obviously talented musicians.

I always like to learn more about musicians and bands so I clicked on the various links to Across The Board’s web presence.

What I learned is that this is a band that applies its creativity not only to its music but also to how it markets itself.

There is no doubt that the music industry has changed and many musicians, and even record labels, are struggling to adapt to the new economy of selling and marketing music.

Today’s independent musicians seeking success in any form need to be exceptionally creative and think outside of the box of how they’re going to market themselves. Modern independent musicians need to be more than just musicians. They need to be content creators and relationship builders.

Creating, recording and distributing the music itself can be exhausting but add to it everything else that’s necessary and it can be overwhelming.

This is why I have an enormous respect for musicians like Across The Board who are working hard to invent different ways to market themselves.

Across The Board have a large YouTube presence, a solid social media presence with frequent updates as well as a very cool, creative concept called “Pick up and Play” which the website describes as “a musical webseries dedicated to covering popular tunes with off-the-floor live session music video featuring multi-instrumentalist musicians Jackie, Paul, Damien & Andy with guest musicians, actors, comedians and other talented folks!”

For any new and emerging independent musicians that are seeking to learn how to market, survive and thrive in the modern independent music scene, I highly encourage you to listen, watch and learn from hard working musicians like Across The Board.

And for music lovers, well there’s plenty of great music and content to enjoy.

Check them out:




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