May 25, 2018

by Dan Gordon

Another day, another beautiful, strong female voice to review.

A few days ago I discovered the raspy, garage rock power of Rosalia Vagalatis . Today it’s the dynamic, soothing R&B sound of LAii.

My two favourite tracks in this six-song collection is Ride (the first track) and Dreaming (the last track) but both bookend four other complex, quality songs.

My first impression of these songs was relaxing and soothing but the more I listened, the more I became conscious of their underlying groove.

If you’re hosting a mellow evening with some friends, de-compressing after a long week but still want to feel some groove, Blasé by LAii is perfect for that.

I also envisioned these songs being played while enjoying a lazy afternoon out in the backyard.

Judging from their tempo, I sense that LAii intended for us the enjoy every moment, stretching out time, elongating the minutes, which is exactly what you want when you’re sitting under the umbrella on a weekend afternoon, sun shining down, gentle breeze rustling the leaves of those big, old trees in the yard.

Check her out:

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