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Intense and satisfying.

We wanted to create a spicy mustard that was bold and intense. The result is our Porter Pepper Mustard.

The intense spiciness of Oriental mustard seed is matched with the deep, rich flavours of Black Creek Historic Brewery Porter.

Our Porter Pepper Mustard contains approximately 40% beer by volume making the Black Creek Historic Brewery Porter the flavour backbone of this mustard recipe. The porter provides deep, rich flavours of coffee, dark chocolate and molasses.

We add molasses and brown sugar for a hint of sweetness and balance that perfectly matches the flavour profile of the dark beer.

A healthy dose of premium quality Indian black pepper intensifies the spice and complex flavours of this mustard.

Black Creek Historical Brewery Porter

There’s something special going on at Black Creek Pioneer Village.

In 2009, the Village opened a historical working brewery. How cool is that?

At The Village, Black Creek Historic Brewery brews its beer using the same tools, techniques and ingredients as it was done in Ontario in the 1860’s. It doesn’t get any more craft brewed than that.

This delicious dark beer features hints of coffee, dark chocolate and molasses. The friendly folks at Black Creek Historic Brewery are passionate about what they do.

They offer tours of their historical brewery and tasting sessions of their fantastic beer and food.

They are always eager to welcome you and share their passion for what they do. Black Creek Historic Brewery: You can enjoy their beer two ways. Try it in bottles – brewed with modern techniques, sold year-round at the LCBO or in growlers – brewed using historic methods, sold only at Black Creek Pioneer Village in the Historic Brewery, from May 1 to December 23.

Learn more at blackcreekbrewery.ca

Canadian Oriental Mustard Seed

Oriental mustard seed is a variety of brown mustard seed but with more attitude.

It is considered the spiciest of all three varieties of mustard and provides a nasal/sinus experience similar to wasabi paste and horseradish.

Commonly used in Chinese mustards and usually pressed into mustard oil.