October 1, 2018
by Dan Gordon

For new and emerging independent musicians, it can be difficult to find reliable, high quality resources to work with. That’s why one of my key missions with W&S Music has been to identify those resources and start building relationships with trusted vendors.

Studio space is one of the most important resources for any musician, but also one of the hardest to get right. A good studio is professional without being intimidating, staffed by a team of helpful, knowledgeable experts . When researching recording studios in Toronto, I came across Soundhouse Studio on Eastern Ave, right in the heart of Toronto’s Studio District.

Soundhouse first caught my attention with their website, which speaks to the team’s professionalism and high standards while still managing to come across as positive and welcoming. Being able to project excellence without being pretentious is an undervalued talent, and it’s a skill I look for in the people I work with. More importantly, people who can manage that balancing act are the best equipped to make new musicians feel welcome and comfortable while recording.

After scheduling a tour and meeting the studio owners, Cyndi and John Jamieson, I was sold. Warm and welcoming, they’re both accomplished musicians in their own right with a clear passion for their work. Their patience and professionalism shine through when they talk about the process of song development and nurturing new talent, and I was excited to have the opportunity to work with them.

Cyndi, John and their beautiful studio
Photography by Dan Gordon

Being a photographer, I was also struck by the aesthetics of Soundhouse. The amazing design and décor reflect Cyndi and John’s personalities – artistic, creative, warm, and comfortable. The studio would make a perfect backdrop for creative photos and videos and I was excited to see what we could do with the space.

Armed with permission to arrange a creative shoot with KeyGeni in their studio, we shot a series of eye-catching promotional photos for her new EP, Indigo. Kay’s modelling background and strong posing skills made the job easy, but I was really impressed with the versatile and contemporary style that made the space so fun to shoot in.

I look forward to working with Cyndi and John again in the future. If you have any studio recording needs, I highly recommend that you check out Soundhouse Studio and contact them for a tour – I doubt you’ll leave disappointed.

KayGeni Creative Photoshoot @ Soundhouse Studio
Photography by Dan Gordon