Vinyl Listening Lounge @ Array Centre for The Contemporary Music Arts

Sponsored by Whisky & Spice Music

October 17, 2018

by Dan Gordon

A true community space – for the community, supported by the community.

It was December, 2017: I was taking some audio engineering courses and needed a space where I could host a few musicians, plug in some mikes and practice recording. During my online search I discovered Toronto’s Array Centre for the Contemporary Music Arts, located in the west of downtown, close to Queen and Strachan.

A few days later I visited Array and met House Manager, Kelley Mitchell. The space was large and extremely affordable, with a vast resource list. And Kelley told me that Array was committed to providing an affordable rehearsal, recording and performance facility to Toronto’s music community. Her positive attitude and passion for it was infectious, and I immediately wanted to be a part of this incredible resource.

On the way in, I’d noticed a large vinyl record collection in the foyer. When I asked Kelley about it, she said that the records were donated, but there wasn’t any budget for listening equipment. I realized that this was my opportunity, and over the next few months, an initiative started to take shape.

To house the turntable and receiver, I reached out to AJ of AJ’s Antique Revival. Her generous contribution to the project included a stunning, rustic record stand, one of her signature shelves and two ultra-cool headphone hooks. And Play De Record on Spadina Ave. offered a generous discount on the Audio-Technica turntable and Pioneer headphones.

I was fortunate to find Array when I needed them. But there are many other artists who need them, too, and as a non-profit, Array relies on donations. Please give generously.

W&S Music is proud to be associated with the Array Centre and their tireless work to provide affordable, accessible resources to Toronto’s music community. We are committed to supporting Toronto’s new and emerging independent musicians and songwriters, and our work with Array is just one piece in our mission to build resources for them.

The Vinyl Listening Lounge in the Array Centre for The Contemporary Music Arts is there for you, the community, to enjoy. Drop in to 155 Walnut Ave, have some fun exploring the record collection and relax with a vinyl listening experience.


Dan Gordon

W&S Music

Kelley Mitchell (House Manager at Array Music), Krissy (intern at Array Music), AJ Geensen  (AJ’s Antique Revival) and percussionist Rick Sacks enjoying the sounds of the new Vinyl Listening Lounge in the Array Centre for The Contemporary Music Arts.