What We Do

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Whisky & Spice Music is an ethical, community-based resource and support network for new and emerging Toronto-area singers, songwriters, musicians, and bands.

We focus on song development, recording, and showcasing the talent of unsigned musicians. With plain-language contracts and trusted vendor partnerships, we protect the interests of our artists and encourage them to grow by integrating them into a community of other musicians.

If you are a new or emerging artist and would like support showcasing your talents, we can help. Whisky & Spice Music will help take your music further – without locking you into a shady contract.

Who we help

New Artists

  • You are a solo musician, singer, songwriter, or band. You don’t have any recordings, but you have at least one song that you would like to develop, rehearse, and record or play at a live show.
  • You are a singer or play an instrument and would like to showcase and market your talent.
  • You are not signed to any record label.

Emerging Artists

  • You are a solo musician, singer, songwriter, or band who may have some recordings and live shows behind you, and you are building an audience.
  • You have original compositions that you want to record, or that need re-recording to a higher standard.
  • You are not signed to a record label, but you are looking to take your career to the next level.

Community Music Organizations

  • You are a community music organization that requires support for your students and/or organization

The W&S Music Process

We start by learning about who you are as an organization or artist and about your career and creative goals. We’ll work with you to define the project, budget, and timeline, finance the resources, and develop and execute a marketing strategy.

Whisky & Spice Music doesn’t give money directly to artists. Instead, we put our funding towards:

  • Song development, rehearsal space, studio time, mixing and mastering
  • Public relations, marketing and promotions, including videos
  • Revenue-generating tools
  • Community support


Our “micro-budgets” are between $250 – $2500.

Specific budgets range according to artist needs, but may include everything from rehearsal and recording space to promotional products and materials. By partnering with vendors and venues across the city, Whisky & Spice Music is able to transform limited budgets into world-class support for independent musicians.

Even without a budget, we are able to provide a $0 home recording experience for new musicians. With portable equipment, we can take that experience anywhere our artists need, from music schools to community centres to other people’s homes.

The Contract

We draft ethical, plain-language agreements to give each artist maximum freedom and ownership of their project.

Details of each agreement are customized to suit the project, but there are some key terms found in every W&S Music artist agreement.

  1. W&S Music asks for a moral obligation from the artist to promote their project(s) as well as other W&S Music projects. This creates a community of artists who support each other, rather than each artist working independently.
  2. The artist maintains copyright and all sales and publishing rights of music, photography, video and other works created as part of their project.

The artist grants W&S Music perpetual license to publish, distribute, and sell all content created for a project via W&S Music sales and distribution channels. In exchange, the artist receives a percentage of the revenue from sale of their content on W&S Music sales channels.

Case Studies

KayGeni’s Indigo EP – wsmusic.ca/kaygeni

Our inaugural project was KayGeni’s Indigo EP, which we launched on August 25, 2018.

As an emerging artist, Kay had written several songs, had professional studio recordings, and has played several live shows with a growing audience.

Budget: $2500

Project Scope:

  • Record, mix, and master three to six of Kay’s original songs with a three-piece band: drums, guitar, and bass.
  • Develop sales, marketing, and promotional material for the project.

Resources provided:

  • Whisky &Spice Music financed rehearsal time at the Rehearsal Factory, studio time at Revolution Recording, and mixing/mastering from engineer Ian Bodzasi.
  • Dan Gordon of W&S Music provided photography for album art, social media content, and product promotion.
  • Whisky & Spice Music developed KayGeni’s “Music Box,” a stylish and visually appealing wooden USB key pre-loaded with Kay’s Indigo EP, for promotion and retail.

Emree Wilson – Drummer Showcase – wsmusic.ca/emree-wilson

To showcase Emree Wilson’s drumming skills and the quality possible from a low-budget production, we experimented with a home recording that highlighted Emree’s talent and experience.

The goal was simple: Emree was asked to play his grooves in his style to showcase his talent.

Budget: $0

Project scope:

  • Record, mix, and master a series of drum tracks that would highlight Emree Wilson’s range and skill.
  • Experiment and demonstrate the quality of recording possible at home, with a limited budget.

Resources provided:

  • Whisky & Spice Music transported Emree Wilson and his extensive drum kit to our home recording environment.
  • Whisky & Spice music provided recording equipment over two sessions.
  • Dan Gordon of W&S Music provided photography for album art, social media content, and product promotion.
  • W&S Music built a feature page on wsmusic.ca to showcase the mix and mastered tracks.