Whisky & Spice Music Presents KayGeni’s Indigo

August 17, 2018

by Dan Gordon

Whisky & Spice Music is proud to present our inaugural sponsored artist, KayGeni and her new EP Indigo.

Hanging out with Kay at home Deceember/2017.

I met Kay in December, 2017. I was taking some introduction to audio engineering courses at Centennial College. I wanted to practise my new skills so I posted an ad on Craigslist seeking musicians who would let me point a few microphones at them.

I hosted Kay at my house. She sang while playing acoustic guitar.

Her powerful voice and strong songwriting skills had an immediate impact. I could feel the connection she had with her music. It was personal. Her music is an extension of herself.

My experience with Kay also reinforced that I wanted to be around musicians, listen to their music and capture their sound. It was incredibly fun, satisfying and enlightening. This experience was also the catalyst for Whisky & Spice Music.

I enjoy many different genres of music but I particularly enjoy musicians and bands that play instruments. There is something magical about the relationship between a musician and their instrument and the relationship between band mates.

After listening to Kay play I knew that I wanted to get her in the studio with a band. Fortunately, Kay was also into the idea.

As the winter turned into spring, the project began to take shape. Kay is very pro-active with her music career. Being new to Canada from the Bahamas, having recently married a Canadian, she impressively had already built a network of contacts with other musicians.

Through some community jam sessions, she had met a talented drummer Emree Wilson, guitarist Joey Rosenberg and bassist Rafi Levy. This would be the band moving forward.

Rehearsals started in May and research into selecting a recording studio began.

One important lesson I learned while researching recording studios was to never make assumptions. I knew of Revolution Recording’s excellent reputation but foolishly assumed that their services would be beyond what the project budget could afford.

One day that little voice in my head told me to request rates from Revolution Recording. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. I was so excited by the affordability of such a quality studio that I emailed Kay immediately and scheduled a tour. Within minutes of the studio tour we both knew this would be the studio for us.

I wanted to maximize time so we decided to go with a 10-hour “live off the floor” recording formula in Revolution’s Studio C. I understood some of the pros and cons of this recording formula but I also wanted this to be an experimental, learning experience for me and the band. I wanted to see what was possible with lots of rehearsal and one, long day of recording.

Our goal was 4-6 songs. We successfully recorded four tracks which is now KayGeni’s EP Indigo.

Professionalism and Standards

Having started and successfully expanded my own premium prepared food business, I understand the need for extracting maximum quality from what is often times a limited budget.

My goal for W&S Music is the same. I want to extract the best quality possible for the new and emerging independent musicians that we support, but on a modest budget.

Throughout the production of Kaygeni’s Indigo EP, I had the pleasure of working with some exceptional professionals and facilities. I would like to thank them.

First of all – the band.

Thank you to Emree, Joey and Rafi for volunteering their time to rehearse and record with Kay. Without their passion for playing and the generosity of volunteering their time, this project would not have been possible within the available budget.

Thank you to Revolution Recording for not only providing an accessible, world-class recording facility but for also providing an experience. Everything about Revolution Recording oozes professionalism. I hope that I’m fortunate enough to return to work with such fine facilities and people.

Thank you to assistant engineer Gemma Mazza who worked with a composed, quiet focus throughout the entire recording session.

I trusted Revolution Recording to assign a lead engineer to the 10-hour recording session. We were extremely fortunate to be provided one of the most professional individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, Ian Bodzasi.

Ian worked diligently before, during and after the recording process to ensure that we extracted the best quality we can from our limited time and modest budget. Ian is an excellent communicator with an equally excellent personality.

There cannot be quality without continuity and consistency. Our professional experience with Ian continued throughout the mixing and mastering process.

I know that I confidently speak for everyone involved when I say that we hope you enjoy the songs.

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Dan Gordon

Whisky & Spice Music